Thursday, September 16, 2010

Infinite Arms will guide me , Yim Yames said so ; while I was just sittin on the dock of the bay.

   Well... its been a while since I have made a post here on this blog, and frankly I supose you could call it a loss of inspiration..(partially a lie) or lack of desire to write, spend the time or sweet pure laziness. I guess I became a little confused about the direction of the blog as well as whether I really wanted to write about fashion but more so the culture;so  as I was sitting on the toilet when I woke up this mourning .. pants mid shaft I was thinking "I really should write today.."  with the rements of the late night drunk bite sprinkled on my shirt , I was feeling refreshed..! As I stumbled into the kitchen (pants still down) because only then  I remembered  I am out a toilet paper ....still. (It be a slight drag to live alone.)

   So.. I don't have much to talk about, that's a lie . But there are lots of things going on and this is an exciting time!!! , this is August 2010 which is an interesting time to be alive and of course as everyone knows the hype of 2012 has been growing at a steady pace. I have been watching documentaries, and listening to who's who in the spiritual guru world, and its all pretty well.... amazing. Another obvious situation to bring up is the Gulf Coast Oil "spill" , it has been a complete nightmare exspecially for those that live in the one of the gulf states. I mean my immediate reaction towards the whole thing is ...It just makes me pissed..and I feel human ..because it loads me up with sadness and anger towards these people the carelessness..the  lives that had control of a situation like that and chose to turn the other cheek before shit went up in flames. Lets not indefinetly get into that whole pile of mess..(... but I will leave you with some news on that). I mean to be all serious and stuff...basically nothing else seems more relevant to speak of, and so conveniently so it appears that everyone is doing a fine job at keeping quiet about it and remaining ignorant to the situation ...not that you don't know because you live in Utah but that you hear it every time you turn on the news, but what restaurant you will eat dinner at tonight or what did Lady Gaga wear tonight seems to be a tad more titillating to the senses at the given moment. Well I guess whats new. Personally,  I happen to live in Florida on the west yes it hits home directly for me but I would hope so either way if situation was otherwise. This is the new 9/11. (too soon?...) Ahhhhhh...
Anyways leaving you with some videos and stuff to check out.

2012: An Awakening 
with David Icke ,John Major Jenkins, Gregg Braden

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