Monday, January 18, 2010

"standing on the threshold of a dream,......."

Those Silly Vikings....

 I am in love with a sweedish band.

       Since Imeem's transfer to myspace
      ( is myspace taking over the world...?)
I was stumped and aggitated....although myspace has a great stream of music and new artist to check out it has its complications and its tracks that temporaily "cut out". So this lead me to seek out a new platform for music on the web. Thats where I found hypem.....
           This is a music site ...generated by a group of people who discover and lurk music blogs to   find people who   know what you should be listening too.
I have to say ...very interesting and always fresh stuff that is posted.Hence....where the Swedish Band JJ ...comes into play .They dont have a (myspace) or a FB.Luckily, they have music posted from bloggers on Hypem and also on their record label's site (plus some cool vids) !!Maybe its just the image for their Album art-work or the samples of Lil Wayne they manipulate?hmm I dont know.but Im in Love.

The new album JJ n03 comes out sometime in March 2010
in the U.S and Sweden