Monday, April 9, 2012


Note:Please disregard all prior post on this blog.

I would like this blog too undergo a shift (seems fitting ;)) head forward with a new direction and focus solely on the evolution we are now fully immersed in...there is really NOTHING else more important too discuss now. I have (like most of you, I am sure) this relentless desire to give back to the "whole" lately...this urge to accomplish....take action, be apart of the strive and drive to the evolving human consciousness movement ...into the higher dimensions...Asking myself and the great spirit.."How can I be of service at this time?" "How can I help the whole.." too come full circle too move us swiftly and graciously through this shift? "What can I do!" And the answer? Well nothing that can not be done from the very chair I am sitting in right much as we feel this great PUSH (which is the push for us to evolve to our higher selves) make our dreams a reality ...this very moment... we still simply ...must remain and practice silence...calmness of the heart and mind...returning too our HEART every time. Though we feel out of control , anxious, fearful, during this process. So much focus on the politics of this shift , the "2012" prophecies...yet how can we deny? the greater forces at work here? The light will prevail. This is a evolution of human consciousness ! NOT an end time, apocalyptic zombie scenario (sorry guys, I know..i had hopes for this too). There will be great change ending of systems that no longer will or can work in the higher 4th and 5th dimensions.. That is why you will see great political/social change and the crashing of certain structures that have been in place for hundreds of years...because we are entering a NEW AGE. This has been foretold by all ancient religions and peoples. Mark this as no COINCIDENCE. MANY HAVE LONGED TO ENTER HUMANITY AT THIS VERY TIME...AND GUESS WHAT IF YOU ARE READING THIS....THIS IS YOU! YOU CHOSE TO BE HERE...TO HELP CONSTRUCT THE NEW WORLD THE HEAVEN ON EARTH...So take that as a great GREAT ! honor...and BE HERE FOR IT. This is the time To remember what we have forgot. Who we truly are...UNITE once again and be ONE. THE RETURN OF THE MOTHER GODDESS. THE RE- BALANCING OF ENERGIES- YIN / YANG. Too be in a place of serene stillness. To meditate on the whole ...tap into the universal mind. By simply asking spirit how can I be of the greatest force of light? What do you will me too do ? Is the greatest thing you can do at this time...and it will change the world..bring peace to us all. Can you believe that? How fricken AMAZING IS THAT?



That is all. ask.listen. and it is given.

So, with that said...(wooo...) (breath..) I feel alot is coming up , and I intend to share this own inner feelings and rewiring that is going on...with you..the hopes to shed some light...too be in a sense striped naked ..expressing my fears and anxieties..that I am sure you all are feeling..I know it would be refreshing for me too read and relate at this time with others I also want too know how you are taking this all in? Maybe no one will read this explosive crap that will come out here on these pages...but it doesn't matter...i have been asking and asking how i can personally contribute too the I write...and it would only be selfish not too share...maybe inspire someone too do so also...I know all this reaching out business is alot of work...but how else will we change?grow?

"A chunk of dirt thrown in the air breaks to pieces.
If you don't try to fly,
and so break yourself apart,
you will be broken open by death,
when it's too late for all you could become."



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