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The Millennials: Blogs, Myspace, the Mp3....

A little Reflection on the Generation we have spun.

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"People see rock and roll as youth culture and when youth culture monopolised by big buisness, what are the youth to do ?

Do you have any idea? I think we should destroy the bogus capitalist process that is destroying the youth culture."

-Thurston Moore

So getting a little away from fashion today because I wanted to share some thoughts that have had be cynically looking at the general art scene today. I came across this interesting interview a month or so ago with Thurston Moore ( Sonic Youth) , and it really got my mind buzzing with his ideas and take on the music scene  of today along with the corporate control, contemporary art, and  everything in between. He is an older musician about 50 or so but dont be misconstrued he still rocks. I guess what I mean by that is he has been around for you know a few decades. The music of the 60's, 70's has in no doubt made an immense impact on music verses the music of today, most elder rockers consider rock and roll to have met its end-game years ago dating somewhere around the late 70's. A statement to be argued with but then again, our "oldies" are going to be what? Britney Spears? Lady Gaga? ....Nickleback? Hopefully is there is a (GOD) our generation will not be known for those artist, (not to knock anyone's hustle.) This leads me to further investigate the situation, why are we a group of copy cats?  A bunch of kids stealing music from the internet instead of rummaging through daddy's old records....taking what has been done and claiming it as your own . I mean everything has an inspiration , but to master something or create something new , you must look at the origin of the subject....which seems to be overlooked today since you can just as easily make a beat on garage band instead of picking up a real instrument. But thats not what has expanded in a sense and Big buisness , Corpotae Chains  know that... you have access to more media and music then ever before , there are hundreds of more ways to SELL SELL SELL to you and get your attention to the masses, I mean everyone uses some source of social networking sites these days, which creates an extemem advantage. They want to have their own mark branded  on the skin of the youth  for their own selfish endeavors. So what are the Millennials?

The Millennials grew up amidst a time during which the internet caused great change to all traditional media. Shawn Fanning, a Generation Y member, founded the peer to peer file sharing service Napster while in college. Though the RIAA won a lawsuit and shut down the service in 2001, as a result of these innovations in technology the Millennials had access to more music on demand than any previous generation, and have forced the recording industry to adapt to new business models.

Snip-it from article at wikipedia

In some ways, the Millennials have become seen as the ultimate rejection of the counterculture that began in the 1960s and persisted in the subsequent decades through the 1990s. This is further documented in Strauss & Howe's book titled Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation, which describes the Millennial generation as Civic Minded, rejecting the attitudes of the Baby Boomers and Generation X. Kurt Andersen, the prize winning contributor to Vanity Fair writes in his book Reset: How This Crisis Can Restore Our Values and Renew America writes that many among the Millennial Generation view the 2008 election of Barack Obama as uniquely theirs, and he writes about this generational consensus building as being more healthy and useful than the counterculture protests of the late 1960s and early 1970s, going as far to say that if Millennials can "keep their sense of entitlement in check, they might just turn out to be the next Greatest Generation".However due to the Global financial crisis of 2008-2009 this generation is also beginning to be compared to the Lost Generation of the early 20th century.

Due to my lack of consistency with my thoughts, ideas, or when I get on a roll, I loose focus. And therefore I dont have a link for the Thurston Moore interview that I'm refering too, but have another one for you that you should check out. It be lovely to get some feedback on what you guys think? Not sure I have any answers, but Moore on the other hand is speaking my language.


Check out :

Radio Dept.: Heavens on fire - If you have'nt already heard this newish track which features commentary noted above by Thurston Moore.


The Fourth Initiate said...

I like what you brought up here. I am a "musician" myself, and I completely agree with Thurston Moore. I play music to play it. It's what I like to do, and if I had a choice between aiding in destroying the powers or getting signed, I would gladly choose to go with the former. I still play music as a release of emotions because of the way the world has become, even though I believe that music itself is a huge part of how we got here in the first place, as far as "youth culture" goes anyway. Music is my weapon against society, a weapon it has been using itself. If and once society is ever done with, I will be free from music, and will have much more things to love.

We've been conditioned much too far already, and they are not stopping. What's "music" now is just an act. Just like everything else we see and talk about, as if there is some kind of righteous meaning behind anything.

I apologize for rambling on, as my head is still a mess. I look forward to more posts, and possibly some discussions?

The Fourth Initiate

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