Wednesday, November 25, 2009


An American Coup:

Well, I seem to be a little late at posting this but here it is. As someone who loved the first two editions of the Documentary "Loose Change 9/11"; I am excited to see the new chapter of the Loose Change saga. I support anything that has to do with Change! In whatever form, it be positive; I am all ears and all eyes. Also if you have'nt caught up with the makers and activist of the Zeitgeist Movement, I will also supply some links for their site and the latest news. I encourage more people to look into these facts and ideas, refrain from considering any of this a conspiracy , please dont insult those who take their time and effort to bring you the truth! Look into; whether or not you are on either side of the spectrum, we are all in this together , remember that.

Zeitgeist Movement-CHAPTERS IN YOUR AREA!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009


oh. Photography...
& hot models.

Model: Ash Stymest

Photo by: Dash Snow
(link above to his Polaroids)

The Original Hipster

The Original Hipster

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kristen Stewart

Damn it.

INTERVIEW magazine.

Want to actually read the interview?....psssst>

Yellow Bird Project : Bon Iver Charity T-Shirt

Yellow Bird Project : Bon Iver Charity T-Shirt

So who does'nt love Justin Vernon? (Mmm Bon Iver)..well here is a t-shirt he designed for charity , how lovely:)

Do something good and get this t-shirt..or at least check it out; I thought it was good.

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