Thursday, March 11, 2010

Colored leaves, fresh air to breathe....

Oh spring...

Its raining its pouring the old man is la...whoops sorry; just sitting here in sunny florida yet its quite the opposite today. Its like a tsunami outside , but oh how I love the rain..yet Im not so into hurricanes.(eek). I was driving earlier and pulled off the road! Well anyways this coarsed me into a somber mood today, guess those drinks didnt help neither last night.:{ But its spring time and with every new season, comes a new well ...a new leaf is turned over..a new shoe is made..ect. ect. and with that said here are some things im hearting...

Mark Fast's collection spring/summer 2010

Love the pumps, and the light pastel blue dress.
Apparently pastels are the new black this season.

perywinkle = hearts

From the Topshop collection spring/summer, love the shades!


Beautiful Steve Maddens!! (ahh ) Im obsessed with steve madden shoes, always have been ahhh sigh :/.Im not really much of a sandle girl so I must have these along with some floral lacey mini dresses.


Another pair of SM's ! i love these can give to the grunge look or maybe western even , basically can be worn with anything ...I would suggest really girly dresses and skirts


I still love hot pants. I think these can roll-over to spring, summer, mmm yeah I think I might always wear them.

Stay-ups and thigh highs.....STILL:D

Luella dresses.

And Ignigknot


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