Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Floral Clogs, Rebels, and Alexander

Floral Slouch Clogs?

mmmm...yes .

These are a new pair of dream shoes from Free People, a little outrageously priced (248$), but they are seemingly a work of art. Many would say that they are weird or even ugly, but to blend in is so boring, and I adore anything that doesnt glare the feeling of typical.


Rebel8, just came out with a new line for women and men's wear, and you can go see it at 80's purple. From what I viewed, this shirt caught my eye ...hmmm...Marilyn with tatts? I love it , hot, Also jealous because I did'nt come up with the idea first.


Is that Kate in Alexander McQueens?

umm yeah I think thats what my eyes are seeing.

I really like this photo, so I had to share...and his shoes he made are like sculptures from gods.


If ....baby jesus was a shoe.


I'd like to call this one broken ankle.


Bruno DeLaRoza said...

This is one high voltage bloggity-blog... love it Baby Bear! I'm a bear too.. good friends call me MairBear

About the caption underneath the 12" funky-freaky-fresh footwear.. "I'd like to call this one broken ankle." Good one.

I found your sexy, sassy fashionfokinista clicking into one of my interests "compassion" ... go figure. Peace out!

Diana said...

Those shoes are definitely works of art!

Eye said...

I love that slouch clogs from free people!!!! I would defenitly buy them I they weren´t that expensive.