Thursday, February 11, 2010

O' Canada

There, are many things I love about my home land Canada. But on the very top of that list are two things:
Canadian artist/bands and ketchup chips. Lately I have been listening to a lot of different artist, and have now collected a handful of bands (that are new too me) that I just believe you have to hear if your anything like me and you dont mind happiness and dancing.

Junior Boys

Junior Boys, have indeed been around the block and then some, they formed back in late 1999 in a small city that most people have never heard of ;Hamilton, Ontario( A small city that I am very familar with.)
They originally were a duo, consisting of Jeremy Greenspan and Johnny Dark, Johnny later left the group and Jeremy reached out to his engineer Matt Didemus.

Two albums later, they now have their third full length album out which is titled Begone Dull Care, and it was released on March 24 2009 in Canada, April 7 in the United States and May 11 in Germany.

I would highly advise checking out So this is Goodbye, which came out in 2006 but was
re-realeased as a bonus edition, including some remasters and remixes (simply candy for the ears).




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