Thursday, February 4, 2010

DIY: Studs everywhere

I wanted to post a DIY blog about studding clothing and accessories. I personally will be posting some DIY blogs more often, and I will start with saying that I am working on some bustiers right now that will be accented with of course some lovely studs. I have seen this trend just about everywhere now, seems like a lot of it is hand done and makes a nice vintage bustier or a pair of shoes look that much more amazing and give it something new. Much of this inspiration has came from the famously blogged about  Rodarte for Louboutin heels shown here :

These can be imitated easily by getting some studs from ebay or another site, then just grab a "hole maker" and some super glue with a little dose of creativity and there you go !
I will be posting later my very own rendition of these lovely beautys!

An old pair of grunge lace up boots would also be an amazing canadite for adding some studs yourself (DIY style).

I hope you like my examples and maybe it inspires you to come up with some new ideas yourself for a DIY project. Many other things can  be added as well like ruffles or lace , always make a piece look more detailed and it puts a personal touch on the garmet that you cant buy at just any store.

Look for my next DIY post , I will have my very own guided recipe for doing some DIY studs.

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