Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shoes. Shoess. Shoezz :London's Fashion Week's Finest

Ok, so I have not been able to reflect on London's Fashion Week yet, considering I may be a tad late on posting about it, but I came across some beautiful creations today and felt the urge.


Sass & Bride

These happen to be very gorgeous, who does'nt want some chains with their pumps?
I love these!

Emilio de la Morena

I love the colored heels, its a great accent to the shoe, and the contrast of the beige and bright turquoise is amazing as well as the black and baby pink.


Feathers? Yeah the middle one reminds me of a dead bird. But I love the first pair, just enough detail, and a suttle feather on the back heel, I love it.


These are quite interesting, and my mind ask how would you walk in these? But heck its fashion, is it ever really about being comfortable?

Kinder Aggugini

Amazing. I love the different prints on the bows, and the mix of texture here. Flamboent and edgy at the same time.

Mark Fast

I dont know if the shoes of Mark Fast's 2010 spring/summer collection accurately compare to the clothing covering the bodies. I will be making a small post later and include some pics from the show, very pleasing collection I must say. And these pumps? yes please. 

Matthew Williamson

These remind me of Count Dracula, yup thats all I got. I love the bow accents , they are pointy at the ends, very amusing to the eye.


        Louise Goldin

Studs, Spikes, I am obsessed with anything studded right now of course as it appears to be so "trendy" this minute. But put them on some pumps or booties or hell any pair of shoes, and that just makes the hot points sky rocket into outerspace. Fierce, deadly, makes me want to kick ass, with them on of course. I love the colors she used and the arrangement of the spikes, must wear with socks.... amazing:) Louise will also be doing a line for Topshop featuring shoes that mimic those seen at her Spring 2010 show

and will hit stores some time soon!

Jaeger London

Um, YEAH and these are my favorite shoes from Londons Fashion week Spring/Summer collections. I saw these and I drooled instantly, (wow I'm a dork ).What are the elements used here wood? suede? shiny metal? Great. I love the middle pair, gray/silver is my favorite hue right now.

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