Thursday, March 4, 2010

John Issac & Friends :Provactive Art

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John Issacs, an amazing artist-reflects on this era or (generation) of technology of the internet.. a lost generation; a parasitic group of humans digesting the earth in all its glory and beauty one day at a time. If your not already ...disencouraged by what you see on the news and hear about, they will tell yourself for you...that you have no chance if you dont get caught up in the war and the nazi politics that transpire today then maybe you will be arrested for disagreeing with the government on the account that you may be a"terrorist".

So what do we do?

start talking about this more often?

"We live in an age of such glaring contradiction that we have grown to accept such grotesque inbalance and injustice with a world-weary reluctance. Moral outrage at the current state of the planet only seems to last so long before one becomes accustomed to a sense that mankind as a species is powerless to effect any kind of change on the seeming inevitability of its own self-destructive evolution".

We hide from ourselves the way we hide from each other.

In Advance of the Institution
1998; The Complete History of Unknown Discovery

Big Black Middle Finger?
(Yes I love this one. Its says alot, oh the glory of a photo.)

"Playing with the extremities and taboos of the modern day norm, Isaacs’ art reveals a number of uncomfortable truths that, he believes, we are all, to some extent, conscious of."
The matrix of amnesia
"Running alongside the seeming directness and simplicity of John Isaacs’ work there is a pervasive current of unease and anxiety that identifies our modern way of life and its thinking as somehow warped, disjunctive and off balance."

I use to think I could change the world but now I think it changed me.

Oh and I just love this last one I wanted to share! Its so primative and natural, being entangled with nature, paying close attention to the still air and the suttle hyms of the wind and the leaves that cover the limbs of trees.

I really love and enjoy all the aspects of Issacs work. From his sculptures to his photos, to the scalped monkey smoking a ciggarette everything is shouting, but usually there is no visible form of speech to be found. His outlook, and inspiration for his art ,inspires me. I am effected everyday from my growing awareness of the reality in which we live in; the generation that I am apart of and all the things I feel obligated to do , to work on . It's like the more you begin to look into things, the more you wish you had'nt.

Since I'm talking about provactive art.....

                                           Dash Snow. 07-13-09

Dash was infamously known for his polaroids, shocking, raunchy, and just plain honest as they could be. He was a go-getter if you will a real-life come from nothing entrepenuer when it came to photography and life that is. Not ever expecting such credability or even fame, Snow trucked on, partied on and became a face on the underground seen or heck his polaroids did at least. Prety good for a 13 year old that ran away from home and just started taking random pictures everday.

Dont Cry for me.

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justin said...

I've just fallen in love with Dash Snow. These are some very stimulating images. Great post.