Wednesday, March 24, 2010

DIY: Studded Bustier (part uno)

So, sitting here wanting to


Share my DIY studded bustier , but the only access I have to instant photos, is my lovely web cam. Mer. It was bought on ebay of course, one of the many cheap little objects I have collected from ebay. (It was 5.99) Yeah with that said, I dont expect much but here are some pics anyway of what it looks like now, I really want to add some more detail, but not sure if I should just keep it simple? Let me know what you think, and I will have more pics of it (on my bod)..shortly I just have to make it to the store (to develope of course) :X

studded bustier

So before I noticed the lovely heart charm of this vintage bustier, I started using silver studs, it just wasnt right so I switched over; luckily I had some nice gold studs too. I got ths studs from ebay, of course and they were really cheap :) bonus yes.

studded bra

Eh, so all I did was carefully bend the back of the studs and then poke them throw the cup of the bustier, this was my first time studding anything and it seem like the logical way to do it ! And luckily there was no lace or fabric hurt in the making of this DIY.:D

studded DIY

And again sorry for the poor quality of the pics, better ones up soon. I also have another lovely bustier I got from a vintage store on ebay, that I would like to dazzle up here soon. I will be purchasing some more intertesting studs soon, rather than the typcially pyraminds, I really want to play with it and see what I can do . I have been inspired by so many other DIY with studs, that I hope to continue to use them as my current muse to create. Hopefully that DIY will be coming soon. :)


Eye said...

Hey, I loove this DIY project!!! Really looking wonderfull!!
A great Idea!!!
Cool to hear that other people do care for animal rights too!!!

Cheryl Clarke said...

hi! this looks great. i found you through IFB. i, too, live in Florida! check me out some time. i follow you now; feel free to follow me.

Anonymous said...

And Bye.